This web site contains the resources for a one-year curriculum comprised of 48 video enhanced lessons, all of which are firmly grounded in Biblical truth. These lessons were designed for 8 to 13 year old's in small groups of 3 - 12 kids. The lessons are story-based and include scripture references that teach fundamental Bible doctrine. Each story includes scripture that is quoted from the New American Standard Bible and displayed on the screen to reinforce it's Biblical source. The lessons are evangelical in nature and consistently share the Gospel.

The lessons are divided into four seasonal themes. From Christmas to Easter the life of Jesus is studied. After Easter to the beginning of summer New Testament missionary stories are reviewed. During the summer modern missionary stories are presented. Then in the fall, stories from the Old Testament are studied. This pattern of seasonal studies is followed yearly. This process gives children a historical perspective on God's working through history to seek and to save. It also shows how God touches the lives of people from the very beginning of creation up to the present time to bring us hope and eternal life.

A very important part of the video lessons is the curriculum. The curriculum contains questions concerning the video story and material that reinforces the Biblical lesson. While asking the questions the Yo-game is played. The Yo-game was developed to maintain the student's attention and make the time of learning FUN! Click on the video below to see how the Yo! Game is played:

All the curriculum and material to play the Yo-game is available in the store portion of this web site.