What Does Yo! in YoMinistry Stand For?

"Y" stands for Youth and "O" stands for Outreach and the exclamation mark is for the exciting way we want to communicate, minister and reach kids with the "Good News"!

About the Author

John Stanley started teaching children's church when his boys were young. He wanted to develop a program that would chronologically share Bible stories and impact children with the amazing work that God has done to seek and to save us throughout history. As an artist he saw the enhanced communication benefits of connecting the stories with visuals. Finally, John wanted to inter-weave the whole learning experience with a fun game. This is how Yo! got started and John continued to share Bible truths with kids on a weekly basis for over a decade. Over the years this program has been refined through practical hands on experience. This is a curriculum that has a positive impact on children with different learning styles.

Doctrinal Statement

We believe the entire Bible to be the inspired Word of God, which presents Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son, whose death and bodily resurrection provides forgiveness from sin and eternal life to all who believe. We believe in communicating the Gospel as it is revealed throughout God's Word, the Bible. It is our hope that through the work of the Holy Spirit and the Gospel message presented that many youth will be saved and will become loving obedient servants to our Lord Jesus Christ. We strive to teach youth that as Christians they are God's ambassadors to the world. As Ambassadors we need to serve with love, self-discipline, courage, boldness, integrity and diligence.

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